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Nature Flower Essence Workshops

Noella loves to share the Synergy Essence knowledge. She is a wonderful teacher; her classes and workshops are delightful, creative and inspiring.  Noella has taught classes and workshops at various festivals, yoga studios and other locations in California, Colorado and Hawaii.

To set up a workshop in your local area, please contact Shaela through Song Spirit Medicine. Classes and workshops can be suited to your group and place, and the cost varies accordingly.

These are the different topics of classes and workshops:

  • Introduction to Synergy Essences (duration 1hour)
    • What is a Synergy Essence?
    • Origin of Synergy Essences: History of Flower Essences
    • How Essences work in our energetic body
  • 13 Chakra Essences (duration 2-5 hours)
    • Fun! Using meditation, movement, and sound to discover the Anuenue Ho’a 13 Chakra points in our body
    • Exploration of the 13 Chakra Synergy Essences
    • Deepening awareness of our energetic body therefore bringing more balance to our being
  • Ohana Ola’ana Essences (duration 2-5 hours)
    • Deeping connection, understanding and awareness of family passages, life and death through the exploration of the Ohana Ola’ ana Essences
    • Journaling and journeying through feelings and aspects of  life
    • Healing and transforming
  • Making Synergy Essences (duration 3-6 hours)
    • How to Make Synergy Essences
    • Exploring our Connection with the Nature Spirits
    • Enjoying Nature’s Wonders
    • How to Proof and Understand the healing qualities of Essences
  • Becoming a Synergy Essence Practitioner  (duration 2-3 days)
    • This covers information from all the workshops listed as well as other info on other families of Synergy Essences
    • Knowledge on how to administer essences
    • Deepen self-awareness and how to assist others in healing


Ua hilo `ia i ke aho a ke aloha.

Braided with the cords of love.

Held in the bond of affection.

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