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Winter 7 Nature Essences

This list can be used as a reference for choosing or learning about essences in your custom blend. Otherwise sold in full kits to Nature Flower Essence Practitioners or Flower Essence Practitioners. For Questions about ordering kits please contact Shaela through Song Spirit Medicine contact page

Nov 06 – April 07  Boulder, Colorado

These essences were created in the winter of 06-07 in Boulder Colorado with snow, snow melt, ice, icicles, amazing gem crystals and dried flowers. These Gods and Goddesses are excellent for getting us through wintry parts of our soul, strengthening our spirit, heart and mind.

These essences come to us to help us through the times of winter or wintry times of the Soul, in any season. The Deity essences were made with many gems that are grounding and increase awareness), many dried flowers that assist in understanding cycles of life, and the healing vibration of snow, and ice. Each essence is unique in itself but share the common element of invoking peace. intaking the vibration of the winter elements can assist one in the change of seasons, elevating and growing with the power of love and gifts from Mother Gia.

Winter God/Goddess

Surrender ~ This Deity helps one to surrender into transition….into the fall into winter…into cold from warmth-on a physical or emotional level………into darkness from light showing that it is just as beautiful as light from darkness.

Winter Goddess II

Scarlet~ She is the Goddess of acknowledging inner beauty, the grace of giving, receiving and honoring. She birthed right before Christmas; invoking gifts of abundance and recognition. She can also balance ego forces like insecurity, vanity or materialism with appreciation of truth.

Winter God II

Armond of the Wind- Strong and mighty God of the Winter Winds can come and help someone by blowing away discomforts, worry, grief, anger or clearing ones mind . With the element of wind and the power of gems Armond can assist one to re-center or return to peace.

Winter Goddess III

Roselena~ ahh the sweet heart of Roselena. This goddess will assist you in strengthening the heart, enabling it to feel safe to love, help release negative energies and embody compassion for oneself. It is a good essence for someone as a healer or caregiver because this essence brings safety and protection to the heart so that so can feel safe, strong, empathic and have an open heart.

Winter God III

MoonStar~ Sweet and mighty MoonStar has a complex bowl of knowledge to reflect right to you. He helps to clear away blockages that prevent one to loving or appreciating others. He has a strong connection to share about the moon and stars. His genuine happiness comes from deep within. He can be of comfort and healing to those that look for material pleasures to find happiness. He helps align actions or stillness with love.

Winter Goddess IV

Rosalia~The gentle, clear, loving, grounded, sweet, caring, caressing Goddess. She assists in clearing negative energies of the heart and strengthens ability to express oneself verbally. She embodies peace, acceptance and acknowledgement of sexual power, showing one to honor it without abusing it.

Winter God IV

Little Star is clear, open, sweetness. He helps one recognize the God and Goddess in all things down to our every action. He gently penetrates love and awe into humankind, allowing us to feel gratitude and appreciation in the littlest of things.

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