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Ohana Ola 'ana 7 Nature Essences

This list can be used as a reference for choosing or learning about essences in your custom blend. Otherwise sold in full kits to Nature Flower Essence Practitioners or Flower Essence Practitioners. For Questions about ordering kits please contact Shaela through Song Spirit Medicine contact page

Plumeria Sea

To awaken us to greater depths of our spiritual potential. Carries the motion of the ocean therefore helps us connect with the rhythm of life. Assists in attuning or connecting ourselves with our ancestors. Embodies spiritual integrity. This essence holds a gentle yet strong oceanic goddess force.

Hawaii Magic

Awakens us to the enchantment of life. It embodies the elements of water and fire (sea and Lava), and the magic of plant life. If someone is feeling dull or bored with life it is a good remedy to bring enthusiasm and inspiration.

Lehua’s Breath

Mama of the Family assists one to get connected with their breath and into their body. Embodies feminine strength. It is a remedy for men or women but especially good for woman giving birth or any stages of pregnancy, or during it is an excellent remedy for birth, before during or after, it helps with the physical aspects of giving birth, or preparing a women for. Balances creative forces.

Papa’s Breath

For balancing yang energies. Assists in directing yang energies in compassionate ways. Excellent to prepare someone for fatherhood or be of support, and nurturing love to others. As well as to find the strength and courage in unfamiliar new times. Balance Yang sexual energy.

Angel’s Breath

To encounter ones connection with the earth and cosmic forces. Helps one feel connected to the Earth; therefore it can be very expansive essence. It helps one reestablish feelings of belonging here on earth, or in contrary help balance one that feels they are better than others on this earth plane (perhaps cause their spiritual practices or beliefs).

Sweet Hum

Helps to understand death down to the cellular level, therefore being able to hold peace with it and see the beauty in it. This remedy helps with letting go of things by accepting them. Good remedy for acceptance and the process of life.

Angel’s Drops

For assistance from the angelic realm for the grieving process. For healing the heart and letting go of things. Healing remedy for deep sadness and broken heart, good for the grieving process.

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