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How Nature Flower Essences Are Made

Shaela Noella co-creates nature flower essences by listening, surrendering, and trusting the guidance of the Nature Spirits. Through the duration of making the essences she asks and receives answers from nature and the spirits of nature: the spirits of flowers, leafs, plants, rocks, stones, gems, sand, bodies of water, the earth, the sky, and the various lands she is on.  She asks questions like: Which container shall I use to make the essence? Which water source? What should be in the essences?  May I receive from this plant? Which flower? Which leaf? Which twig?  Continuously she gives thanks or makes offerings back to the source from which it comes from, and to her guides and angels.

Listening to her guides and using her intuition Shaela Noella usually begins with a glass container and pure water.  She adds elements from nature like flowers, gems, seashells, leaves, and twigs to the water and lets them infuse in the sun or moonlight, and sometimes the rain or snow. Some of the elements will stay in the water longer than others.  Sometimes it will take just a few hours to create a Great Great Grandmother Essence, whereas other times it could take a month or more of different decoctions and infusions mixing together. Once she has received the message that the essence, or potion, is complete, she removes any of the remaining debris or particles and that becomes the Great Great Grandmother Essence – the source. 

Potentiation Process

When the Great Great Grandmother Essence is preserved with alcohol it then becomes the Great Grandmother Essence.  After the Great Grandmother Essence has settled peacefully with the alcohol preservation (one-three months) a Grandmother can be made.  A Grandmother is 1 to 4 parts preservation (alcohol, vinegar or vegetable glycerin) to 4 parts Great Grandmother.   From the Grandmother, Mothers can then be made.  Mothers are 11 drops of the Grandmother in a water-base with preservation.  Mothers need to sit about a month to mature to make babies.  The babies are made with 2 drops of the mother in a water-base with preservation and are ready after just a moment of moving the essence in circular motion.  Babies can then make grandbabies with 4 drops of the baby in a water-preservation solution. It is the Grand-babies we distribute.  (Flower Essence Practitioners or Practitioners-in-Training can make special orders for Babies.)  Some people may be unfamiliar with the notion of “less can be more,” but when making vibrational medicine, like homeopathy, this process which may seem like dilution is actually a potentiation process (making it more effective in the etheric body).

Making a “ Great grand-baby” Essence.

 To do this you would add 8 drops of the “baby” into a water base.  If it is pure water it will last as long as the water is good.  Otherwise you can preserve it with alcohol, vinegar or vegetable glycerin.  Be not afraid to experiment and find the preservation that you prefer.  In our essences we have half preservation and half water.  We make our essences for distribution strong because they go out to many people. Depending on how long you would like the essence preserved for or how you would like it to taste you can add as little or as much preservative as you would like.

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