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Frequently Asked Questions

Flower Essences are holistic healing remedies made from infusing the vibration of flowers into water. Subtle yet powerful, they assist in times of stress, sorrow, anger, depression, or uncomfortable feelings. They are gifts or blessings from Nature to help us along our journey in Life.

Flower Essences are not to be confused with Essential Oils; they have no aroma or fragrance. Nor shall they be confused with Herbal Tinctures or Extracts, which are natural medicines for physical ailments. Flower Essences work with energies on the emotional, mental and spiritual planes.

Inspired by her love of Flower Essences and nature, Shaela Noella Roselena discovered a new matrix of co-creating Essences guided by nature spirits.

A Nature Flower Essence is a healing vibrational remedy made from multiple elements from nature (e.g., flowers, leaves, gems, rocks, sea shells, sand) infused, decocted or brewed in water. They are synergistically potentized for healing imbalances in our contemporary human consciousness. They heal by moving and re-patterning energies in our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Synergy Essences are useful during times of change, transformation and evolution.

It simply represents that the essences carry both flowers and elements from nature. Shaela Noella use to call them Nature Flower  Essence for many years, and decided to rename them for simplicity. 

The difference is:

  • How they are made.
  • How they work in the etheric body.

Intuitively we feel they both re-pattern the etheric body in a gentle healing way. We feel that Nature Flower Essences have a tendency to circulate with a spiral evolutionary movement creating a flow of transformation in the areas of the etheric body that are in need of change. Whereas Flower Essences remove subtle unnecessary energies of the mind and energetic body by replacing them with the imprint of the flower’s healing energy. When relating to healing the subtle bodies, they work differently to achieve similar results.

Each kind of Essence is a blessing and works particularly to the individual’s needs. We believe all essences: synergy, flower, gem, and all others are beautiful and helpful to humankind.

  • Have an essence custom blended for you by a Flower Essence Practitioner.
  • If the Essences are already in front of you, run your hands over the top of them and see which one calls out to you or resonates with you.
  • Use a pendulum or kinesiology.


  • You can take the Essence directly from the bottle internally (1-13 drops at a time is the suggested dosage {2-6 drops is an average dose}).
  • If you would like to make the Essences last longer:
  • Put a couple drops in your water bottle, as long as a little of that water with the Essence in it is left in your bottle when you add more water, the vibration of the Essence will continue to be active.
  • Make a sacred place for a cup of water with a couple drops of Essence in it. When you feel called to it or pass by it, have a sip from the water. The Essence will be good as long as the water is fresh.
  • Make a Stock-bottle by adding 1-13 drops of an Essence to a small dropper bottle of water, and then preserve it with alcohol, vinegar or vegetable glycerin. Choose the preservation method depending on how long you want to preserve it and how you’d like it to taste. Add 1-8 parts preservative to 8 parts of water.
  • You can use them externally:
  • Add some drops of an Essence to a mister bottle with or without an essential oil
  • Add a couple of drops to your bath or bath salts.
  • Add some drops into massage or body oil.
  • Apply directly on your skin (refraining from broken skin): a chakra, acupressure point or wherever you feel called.

Be creative! The benefits can be received both internally and externally.

At Roselena Alchemy we have a yummy formula of spring water with Organic Vodka and Organic Vegetable Glycerin. The Vodka and Glycerin are for preservation. We add the vegetable glycerin to cut the strong alcohol flavor, if the flavor is still too strong you can always add a few drops of Essence to a glass of water.

**Upon special request we can also make them with only vegetable glycerin for those who do not wish alcohol, or in pure water for those that don’t want either (but the shelf life would only be 1-2 weeks compared to 1-2 years).

We recommend anywhere from 1-13 drops at a time, but most commonly 2-6 drops at a time is best. When taking essences, it is highly more effective to take small amounts frequently, rather than large amounts infrequently.

The average dose of an essence would be 2-5 times a day. Take a remedy as often or as little as you like. In emergency situations you can take a calming essence as often as every 10 or 15 minutes.

You can also use Essences periodically. A fun way to do this is to create a sacred place or alter with a set of Essences and dose yourself with an Essence whenever you feel called to. This method works best when you have a set or family of essences that work in harmony with each other like the Anuenue Ho’a Chakra Kit.

Continually we suggest to be in touch with your intuition, empower yourself to know how to take Essences. We also recognize many are still learning how to get in touch with their intuition and suggest that if you feel uncertain seek help from an Essence Practitioner. The Clearly Receiving Synergy Essence can also be helpful in receiving guidance and Kumu Aina can help with intuition.

Most commonly you would take an Essence for three to four weeks, or better yet a cycle of the moon. It varies depending on the person and the Essence. One person may have an Essence to help them with a deep issue and use it continually for 3 months. Another person may use an Essence for a week and find results. Some people have a collection of Essences and take one or two doses whenever they feel called.

It is best to use your intuition when taking Essences. For instance, you may find doses naturally decrease as the energetic body re-establishes itself. Of course every case is different, which is why it is important to follow your inner guide, and/or consult with a Flower Essence Practitioner. The Kumu Aina Nature Flower Essence is a suggested Essence if you need assistance in strengthening intuition.

You may take an Essence as often as you like because the etheric body is like a sponge – it will not hold any more than it needs. Essences work to each individual’s capacity. Each Essence may have a different effect on each person. Sometimes it can even rest in the etheric body until you are ready to experience a change.

Essences work by re-establishing the energetic patterning in our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. They release or re-balance energies, and can provide us with more awareness in our actions, thoughts and feelings. Essences can take you on a healing journey or open you to new ideas or ventures. They can be gentle and subtle, or intense and awakening.

Yes, yes, yes. People and animals of all ages can take Essences. They are beneficial to plants. Children are very responsive to them. They are safe and effective for children, pregnant women, and the elderly. People who do not believe in them can also still benefit from them.

Animals benefit greatly from essences. Often times, pets with nervous dispositions become more relaxed over the course of just a few weeks of taking the essences.

  • Apply a few drops to your hand and gently stroke the spine or head of the animal.
  • Put a couple drops of Essences in their daily water.
  • Place a drop(s) on their head, paws or back.


Every person is going to relate or respond differently to each Essence, but there is a specific healing resonance for each Essence. For example, Angel’s Drops is beneficial for healing the heart and grieving. If two people were taking this same Essence for their hearts, they could heal completely differently. One person’s healing journey could be releasing sorrow so that it is not festering inside of them, whereas another person could be stuck in the feeling of sorrow and taking the Essence could bring their heart into more peace and balance.

Each Essence is going to work differently on each person. It depends on what each person needs, what is going on in their life, and the relationship between the Essence and the person. Sometimes this can manifest as an emotional release or clearing of thoughts. Each being will only experience what they are ready for or what they can handle on a soul level.

We recognize a connection and correspondence between all our bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) therefore, we believe if there is a vibrational change in our emotional, mental or spiritual body our physical body could also have the possibility of experiencing a change.

Essences have the ability to facilitate the removal of major emotional blockages. Although they primarily work very gently on a subtle level, sometimes people can experience significant emotional changes.

Physically, if someone is highly (the recommended dosage is only a few drops at a time) allergic to vegetable glycerin or alcohol, they could be prone to a reaction.

On an emotional level, Essences may clear negative emotions or bring awareness to something that may be uncomfortable during our growth and maturation processes.

Emotional break-throughs may be uncomfortable. If you experience unpleasant feelings we advise journaling, walking, exercise, and support from friends, family, your therapist, or a Flower Essence Practitioner to process. If the situation needs more attention please seek professional counseling, talk to someone you can trust.

Essences are a holistic approach to healing and in return can be a gift to our full selves.

Disclaimer: All material and information presented by Roselena Alchemy is intended to be used for educational or informational purposes only. The statements made about products have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the results reported, if any, may not necessarily occur in all individuals. The statements and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any condition or disease. Please consult with your own physician or health care practitioner regarding the suggestions and recommendations made by Roselena Alchemy.

Further information:

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