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The Five Divine Mothers Nature Essences

This list can be used as a reference for choosing or learning about essences in your custom blend. Otherwise sold in full kits to Nature Flower Essence Practitioners or Flower Essence Practitioners. For Questions about ordering kits please contact Shaela through Song Spirit Medicine contact page

The Divine Mother Essences are sweet remedies embodying the motherly love of healing and transformation. They were co-created on Fall Equinox 2007 at Silver Angel Biodynamic Garden (Boulder, Co) with precious well water.

Divine Mother I ~ ZANTHIA

ZANTHIA Breaks through illusion, she assists one in cutting free, letting go and stepping into the unknown. She awakens the fire of the inner-self. She transforms myths, harnesses power, strength and funnels it together into the core. She says “I will burn Burn burn away illusion and touch you with inspiration and compassion, I am divine shakti”

ZANTHIA illuminated into creation with the infusion and prayer of sunflower, borage, morning glory, hollyhock, batchler button, Dandelion, Red Clover, Dried Rue, Thistle, Sage Ash and Beeswax in well water.

Divine Mother II ~ SOFIA

SOFIA SWEET is a divine mother of purity, lightness, clarity, innocence, balance of spirit. Sofia is here to calm the mind and spirit and bring comfort in any times of need. Wisdom, Purity, Nurturing, balance of heaven and earth, ethereal groundendness, striking beauty, and pure white powerful energy are all gifts Sofia has to share with us.

SOFIA manifested into creation with the essences of silver vine, rose, grapes, breath, rose petal pieces and white cosmos.

Divine Mother III TARAH

Om tare tu tare tuve swaha

She is a Divine Mother Goddess of swift clear action, compassion, protection, earth, strength, and vibrant zest yet humble wisdom.

Upon making this essence a story of Green Tarah was told; Buddha was brought to tears from experiencing the suffering of the world and from those tears the Green Tarah was born.

As the Divine Mother Tarah essence was co-created the Tare chant was sung as these blessings of nature were infused into the water: Sage leaf, cloverleaf, golden yarrow, queen’s Ann’s lace, pink larkspur, morning glory, beet leaf, lavender leaf, carrot leaf, rhubarb waterleaf, trumpet vine flower, and hollyhock leaf.

Divine Mother IV ~ MARIPOSA

MARIPOSA, known as the nature mama, honors all living being right to their core essence. She is very connected to the fairy kingdom; Full of abundance and is pregnant with offerings and blessings. She loves to giggle and freely flutter. She is connected to her sensuality.

Mariposa was co-created with choke cherry leaf, yellow pansy, fairy rain-drops, holly hock-stamen and leaf, sun, dipped with an old big sunflower, sage flower, Russian lavender, dandelion, raspberries-fresh and dried, currant, currant leaf, plums and plum pit, pink and golden yarrow, zinnia, calendula flower and leaf, aster flower and geranium.

Divine Mother V ~ NENE

Nene embodies joy from the center of the soul. Nene embodies joy from the center of the soul. She is potent with song, music and play. She embodies the wisdom to joyfully move through any situations with sturdiness and inner strength. She is very nurturing to anybody full of sadness or loss of joy or inspiration for life. She is also a protector.

Nene came into manifestation with music and basil flower, rosehip, Amaranth, dried sunflower, quartz crystal, blue crystal, stevia flower, purple thistle, little wish weeds, cosmos buttons and mallow flower.

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