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Custom Blends

Custom Blend Flower Essences can be amazing support for various times of our life; catered and individualized to support anyone in a time of change, growth or returning to balance. Shaela Noella Roselena has a special gift of intuitively making essences for people. She mostly uses Nature Flower Essences she has created but sometimes will utilize flower essences from various parts of the world created by others. She believes in having a growing resource of essences because each soul can summon for something different or unique. With the assistance of her spiritual guides and the use of intuition, kinesiology, and logic; she has had profound results and clear readings to make people custom blended essences.

To begin the process for your custom blend or for more information: CLICK HERE

Ua hilo `ia i ke aho a ke aloha.

Braided with the cords of love.

Held in the bond of affection.

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