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Essences for Evolution

Gifted with ancient wisdom from the Nature Spirits, Nature Flower Essences are created for healing present imbalances in our human consciousness. These essences are wonderful for times of change, transformation, and evolution supporting the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to shift into higher awareness and ways of living. Nature Flower Essences are blessings from Nature to help us along our journey in Life.

These Nature Flower Essences were created by Shaela Noella Roselena with the guidance and support of the nature spirits. She began making essences on the Big Island of Hawaii around 2003. Seven years later she launched this website with a store, and would travel to festivals playing music, teaching workshops and sharing small batches of essences she created, and selling online. She now focuses more on intuitive readings and custom blend essence blends. She can make batches of “babies”(aka “stock formulas”) for essences practitioners, or teach people to create their own essences or train them to be Nature Flower Essence Practitioners.

Lapa’au Me‘ano

(Heal with Nature)

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