Essence Family Catalog

Anueue Ho’a 13 Chakra Synergy Essences

These Synergy Essences were guided and co-created by Noella Roselena and the Anuenue Ho’a Nature Spirits on the Big Island of Hawaii. Each essence was decocted in Hamakua Coast Spring Water, Hawaiian Rain Water, Pacific Ocean Water or a combination of each. They each consist of a variety of flowers and various gifts of nature like rocks, gems, sand or seashells.

Ohana Ola 'ana

A family of essences to assist in the earth journey of family, life and death.

Winter Essences

These essences were created in the winter of 06-07 in Boulder Colorado with snow, snow melt, ice, icicles, amazing gem crystals and dried flowers. These Gods and Goddesses are excellent for getting us through wintry parts of our soul, strengthening our spirit, heart and mind.

Five Divine Mothers

The Divine Mother Essences are sweet remedies embodying the motherly love of healing and transformation.  They were co-created on Fall Equinox 2007 at Silver Angel Biodynamic Garden (Boulder, Co) with precious well water.