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Custom Synergy Essence Blends

Noella Roselena has a special gift of intuitively making essences for people.  She uses essences from all over the world including the originals she makes, Colorado Divine Farmer Herbal Essences, Icelandic Essences, Australian Bush Flowers Essences, Perlanda Essences, FES Essences and Dr. Bach Essences.  She believes in having a growing resource of essences because each soul can summon for something different or unique. With the assistance of her spiritual guides and the use of intuition, kinesiology, and logic she has had amazing results in making people individual essences. 

If you would like to order one for you or a loved one -- e-mail her your contact information with the name and age of the person as well as a clear intention for the essence. This will then begin the correspondence and process of creating an individual essence. Custom Blend price will be established upon correspondence, ranging in price  from  $50 - $100, plus shipping.

Contact: roselenaalchemy{at}gmail{dot}com

Ua hilo `ia i ke aho a ke aloha.
Braided with the cords of love.
Held in the bond of affection.