About the Essence Maker

Noella Roselena enjoys creating synergy essence and custom blends, teaching classes and workshops, traveling, dancing, singing and making music. She grew up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in California, and is blessed with many siblings and a family tree with many branches.  Her papa, Leo Baldonado, inspired her connection with nature at a young age through camping, hiking and swimming in the mountains. Her mama, Ellen Jasmer, CNM, influenced and inspired Noella by using natural medicine in her midwifery practice and everyday life.

Noella had her first powerful experience with Essences as a teenager.  Years later she rediscovered essences, and their subtle yet powerful healing ways, from Patricia Gleason, of Patricia’s Transitions, in Hilo, Hawaii.  Patricia mentored Noella, giving her books to read and encouraging her to make essences.  Noella began listening to the Nature Spirits guiding her to make essences, which are now called Synergy Essences.

In 2006 Noella moved to Boulder, Colorado.  There she studied at the School of Natural Medicine and became certified as a Flower Essence Practitioner and Essential Oil Therapist.  Other endeavors in Boulder were gardening, and working with Marco Lamb developing Colorado Flower Earthstar Farm essences. She also worked with children and continued the development of her essence practice. Music is another one of her focuses; she writes songs, sings, plays the guitar and other instruments, under the name of Shaela Noella (shaelanoellamusic.com).   “Shaela” encompasses the sound of the ocean water meeting the sandy earth, a name given to her by the spirit of Hawaii.

Noella has recently returned to the West Coast of California and looks forward to Synergy Essence workshops and musical performance tours.

Contact her if you wish: roselenaalchemy{at}gmail{dot}com

Noella Roselena

Nature is our Greatest Teacher, and Healer