Plumeria flowers

Essences for Evolution

Synergy Essences, co-created by Noella Roselena and the Nature Spirits, are magical healing remedies for the energetic body made from infusing the vibration of flowers and other wonders of nature into water. They are bottled in a yummy concoction of spring water, organic eau-de vie and kosher vegetable glycerin to take internally. Synergy Essences, inspired by Flower Essences, are exceptional natural remedies for the spirit and soul.

Noella Roselena enjoys traveling, creating music, creating essences, and giving workshops and classes on essences. Presently she has co-created Synergy Essences from Hawaii, California and Colorado. She founded Roselena Alchemy with the dream of assisting the world in the holistic healing and making Synergy Essence more accessible to people.

Gifted with ancient wisdom from the Nature Spirits, Synergy Essences are created for healing present imbalances in our human consciousness. These essences are wonderful for times of change, transformation, and evolution supporting the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies to shift into higher awareness and ways of living. Synergy Essences are blessings from Nature to help us along our journey in Life.

Lapa’au Me‘ano
(Heal with Nature)


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